Living the Abundantly Thankful Life

By Abundant Tree Care Owner Kevin Bold …

With Thanksgiving swiftly approaching, many of us have begun to think about thankfulness. It is great to have a holiday to remember God’s wonderful provisions to our forefathers and to us. But let’s be real. Maintaining a mindset of true gratitude is a very difficult task!

Why is this? In thinking through the answer to this question for my own life, this is what I have come up with:

It is easier to complain than to be thankfulWhether it’s the uncomfortably cold temperatures or the many forms of resistance to our plans, it is so easy to lose sight of the abundant blessings around and in our lives. If we kept track of the groaning and unnecessary squabbling that goes on in our heads on a daily basis, we would likely be quite appalled at the amount of ingratitude revealed.

We are not living up to our calling and purpose- When we fail to practice life-giving habits such as keeping up with our physical wellness or pouring into our relationships with loved ones, we lack peace. We have each been given such a precious life; if it’s out of order due to poor decisions and lack of discipline, we can start small to make those changes that bring peace again and allow for gratitude in our lives.

We think too much about ourselves and too little about serving others – A heart of compassion that leads to service stirs up gratitude like nothing else. Instead of thinking about our own problems which generally leads to complaining (see No. 1), focusing on how to be a servant at home, work, church, or local organizations is a great way to develop a thankful heart.

So how can we better develop hearts of gratitude? Let’s stop complaining about our lives and turn our thoughts to all the good. Turn off the T.V., read an inspirational book, surround yourself with positive people, and find ways to serve others!

Practicing gratitude is not just a good idea; it is the way of life that leads to abundance.


Just as we enter a time of rest over the holiday season, so do our trees enjoy their own time off from all their growing and shedding. The late-fall dormant season is a fantastic time for pruning. We’ll share our cold-season tips with you very soon.  Of course, the Abundant Tree Care team is happy to offer you our trimming and pruning services. Contact us anytime and we’ll come to you for a free consultation

Living Abundantly: Fall Tree Care

For many of us, Fall + Trees provides the perfect simple recipe of our dreams the previous 9 months. From December to September, we eagerly anticipate the return of vibrant colors and falling leaves that signal the arrival of a favorite season. But like all seasons, Fall brings its own set of challenges and requirements in keeping those beautiful, treasured trees alive and thriving.

Louisville Tree Care - Fall Tree Care

Fall is a Prime Time to Plant

As the cooler weather sets in and the trees settle in for a break from all that reaching for the summer sun, conditions are perfect for stimulating root growth. And obviously, there’s less chance of stress from sun scorch, drought or extremely high temperatures. Early to Mid Fall is a great time to plant balled and burlapped trees and shrubs. Late Fall is best for bare root plants as they will be completely dormant.

Fall is for Fertilization

Yes, Fall is like February in that it’s a great time for Fertilization. This will help trees gain nutrients that were lost in in the summer and continue to feed over the winter. As we mentioned before, each tree is unique and requires its own set of particular macro and micronutrients. If this sounds overwhelming, we’d be happy to help you choose and apply the right food.

Fall is for Preparation

Louisville Tree Care - Fall Tree CareUnfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), the cool temps of Fall only continue their decline into sometimes damaging frost. Naturally, you’ll want to spend some of the season preparing for the harsher conditions. Mulching can help retain water and reduce the felt effects of temperature extremes in the soil. You’ll wanna be careful not to pile on too high, but a thin layer can act as a blanket and give the roots extra protection.

Go ahead and hydrate the trees while the air is cool but not freezing… this will give them something to drink on throughout the winter.If you have a young tree, you may want to wrap with burlap or plastic cloth to prevent temperature damage

Fall is for Pruning…kinda

Louisville Tree Care - Fall Tree Pruning

Finally, LATE Fall- is a great time to prune as trees are dormant and after the leaves have gone, it is much easier to clearly see the tree structure. (Early Fall is the time in the life of the tree when energy is being redirected to the roots and trunk to store for next years spring bud break so there won’t be any extra for healing pruning wounds.) Of course, make sure you know proper pruning techniques to avoid serious damage. We’ve got plenty more pruning tips here, here, here

As always, your Abundant Tree Care team is available and happy to help you with planting, pruning, protecting or anything else you need in caring for your trees and plants.

Are your tree leaves changing color too soon? That could mean your tree is stressed and needs your help. Girdling roots, disease, or insect issues could be leading to a thinning of the canopy prematurely. If you notice this or any other concerning abnormality, call us quickly before any further damage settles in or has a chance to spread.  We’ll come to you and diagnose.

Abundant Tree Care Can Help!

Abundant Tree Care is here to assist you in tree planting, tree pruning, tree removal and every bit of care in-between. We are pleased to share this short video with you highlighting our services and our dedication to our clients and their trees. #LiveAbundantly

The Heat is still On. Advice on Tree Care & Self Care in the Summer


Abundant Tree Care is excited to assist you with all your Louisville tree care needs. Our team of specially trained arborists provides tree pruning, tree removal, and tree planting in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Contact us for an estimate! #LiveAbundantly

Louisville Tree Care - Summer Heat Tips

And just like that, it’s August. Vacations may be ending and school may be starting back up soon, but we know we are still nowhere near the end of the sweltering summer season here in the Ohio Valley.

Excessively hot weather is one of those threats with a danger that lies largely in its invisibility. The sun shines bright and it’s fun to don your favorite worn-out t-shirt and play in the dirt. But the overheated conditions have a big, potentially unhealthy, effect on you and your landscape. With the right awareness and prevention in mind, however, there’s really nothing to worry about.

FIRST, when it comes to plant and tree care …

Louisville Tree Care - Watering Trees in Heat
:  The specifics in proper hydration can depend on the type of the tree and soil as well as age, but in general it’s best to water your trees less frequently and more deeply rather than numerous, shallow soaks. Think about your roots having a chance to soak it all up rather than giving it an opportunity to evaporate in the heat.

Mulching: Give your trees the benefits of oxygen & nutrient-rich soil they might be missing. Added plus: mulching reduces weeds which means you don’t have to pull them; mowing gets easier as you there’s suddenly no need to trim around the trunk.

Pruning: Prune to prevent and protect. With heat and humidity comes some crazy storms here. Read up on how you can practice tree pruning for protection against the wilder forces of nature.

Call a professional: Sometimes it’s best just to call in the experts. Inclement weather is a great excuse to get a little help and that’s what we’re here for. If you’re in the Louisville area, Abundant Tree Care can come by and customize a plan that’s best for the survive & thrive of your lawn including special fertilizers, insect prevention, disease management and much more.

SECOND, and more importantly, when it comes to caring for yourself…

Do your best to save any of your work for the cooler parts of the day. When you must be out there in the heat, be sure to wear light, breathable clothing and drink MORE than plenty of water.

Heatstroke is the most severe of consequences from prolonged heat exposure, but there are other significant hazards such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat cramps that could lead to much bigger problems. Exposure to high temps can also increase the risk of major injuries due to sweaty palms, fogged-up safety glasses, and dizziness.

Stay aware of heat stress symptoms which are similar to those of the flu. They can include:

*Headache  *Fatigue  *Dizziness  *Nausea  *Profuse sweating  *Thirst  *Vomiting *Diarrhea  *Clammy or pale skin

*Rapid Pulse  *Elevated body temperature  *Muscle spasms (in the case of heat cramps)

Louisville Tree Care -Heat Safety

If you begin to feel any one of these symptoms in any measure, it is extremely important to act quickly so that the problem does not evolve into something worse.

  • Move to a shaded or air-conditioned area and sit or lie down
  • Drink water or a sports drink like Gatorade
  • Apply wet towels or take a cool shower
  • Stretch affected muscles
  • Seek medical attention if you do not feel better in an hour

Plant More Trees… Far Away from Power Lines

Abundant Tree Care, along with countless other outdoor enthusiasts, has always proudly encouraged everyone to Plant More Trees! However, we are equally as fanatic about living safely and happily in our homes and neighborhoods; This just requires a little extra awareness in the locations of our planting.

When we’re excited about adding new trees to our landscape, we can often not think much about where we’re digging until that later moment when we find ourselves stumbling in the dark looking for candles and throwing out all the spoiled food from our lifeless fridge. And this is why we encourage you, as you plant more trees… Stay away from power lines!

Click for image source

Trees that grow up near power lines bring up with them all sorts of big risks, and you’ll be creating extra, unnecessary, and dangerous work that’s simply not worth it. And aesthetically speaking, if a tree has to be pruned around lines, it will end up looking really awkward. (If you do have a perfect spot picked out near a power line and nothing else will do, there are some species that are more likely to be a safe bet. We’ve included a link to those at the bottom of this post).


If it’s too late for the warning and you are now seeking to care for your trees that have grown up around lines, please call your local qualified arborists who have special training and tools to get the job done safely. Without the proper tools and training, a person can easily be electrocuted, injured, or even killed, and you’ll be put at a major legal risk.

After a Storm

If you’ve experienced a bad storm, there are a few things to look out for. In addition to the obvious threat of downed power lines, alert your power company (and arborists) if you see trees that are leaning towards or have come into contact with power lines, have blown over near power lines. 

Underground Lines

Don’t assume you’re in the clear if you don’t see anything above ground. A lot of utility services run below ground and can be impacted by wide-spreading roots of trees. Before you plant, call your utility company and make sure you are aware of the existence and/or locations of any underground utilities in order to avoid serious injury or service interruption. 

Finally, If you must plant in the proximity of a power line, the ultimate mature spread and height of the tree must fit within the available space beneath and beside the lines.  Here are a few options.


Abundant Tree Care takes safety very seriously. Our arborists go through extensive training so that we can care for your landscape and homes at our absolute best. We offer assistance in planting, pruning, and general tree care. Contact us anytime with questions or to schedule a time for us to come by. We look forward to meeting you and helping care for your home.