It’s Hard to Tell What Goes on Beneath the Surface

It’s Hard to Tell What Goes on Beneath the Surface

When it comes to your tree’s health, a part that is often overlooked is what grows below the ground.

Fertilizer may not be enough – though the regular mix of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus is a healthy blend, some trees require other nutrients to properly grow and flourish.
Your tree’s soil may also be hindering the health of your trees. Changes in PH balance or heavier amounts of Carbon may negatively impact your tree’s growth. Solid compaction may also be a contributing factor.
Trees are affected by many different things, and understanding below-ground activity is a great first step in learning how to keep your trees healthy and full of nutrients. If you’re unsure where to begin, we’re here to help. Fill out our contact form today to schedule a visit!
The pains of hiring a tree care company

The pains of hiring a tree care company

Have you ever worked with a tree care company before? If not, what are some of the concerns you have about hiring the right company? If you have worked with a tree care company before, how did it go? These are questions I ask my clients regularly for two reasons. First, when I step on their property, I want to know what is most important to someone, that way I can serve their needs well. Secondly, one of the desires of Abundant Tree Care is to build lasting relationships with people and their trees. Understanding the pain a person feels about their trees and the concern they have about hiring a company is essential for building lasting relationships!

So, what are some of the pain points I hear from my clients about why they hire a tree care company? A common theme is safety. Ensuring everyone can play safely is a top priority for my clients, especially If they have kids or grandkids. Additionally, if you have big trees around your house, keeping them off your house is a reasonable goal for all! Once a person realizes they must get that deadwood out of their tree, or that the huge old unstable tree on the corner of the house needs to be removed, property owners want confidence the company they hire will take care of them. Factors such as price, quality of work, technical aptitude, and conflict resolution are central issues for building a trusted tree care relationship.

Next, and a little closer to the heart, people know how valuable their landscape is, but often find a dead tree or become sick at looking at the same mess in their backyard, after 20 years! These issues, tree health and property aesthetics, are a cause for loss of sleep for some people at the worst and for others, at least a slight irritation. How many times have I heard someone say, “you mean you could have saved my tree, and now I am spending how many thousands of dollars? And what do I get out of it?” Yep, that about sums it up! Of course, all trees have a life span, and not all can be saved, but establishing a relationship with a company that employs Certified Arborists and that has extensive technical experience is a means to mitigate loss of landscape value and to provide counsel for landscape enhancement.

There are A LOT of tree care companies out there! Some use a pick-up truck and a trailer, and learned to use a chain saw on the farm. In some situations, hiring a company like this may be the best option. However, for a lifetime relationship, talking with a company like Abundant Tree Care makes more sense. We focus energy into training, team building, and have the technical experience you can trust to build a lasting relationship that takes the pain out of hiring a tree care company.

Living Abundantly: Fall Tree Care

For many of us, Fall + Trees provides the perfect simple recipe of our dreams the previous 9 months. From December to September, we eagerly anticipate the return of vibrant colors and falling leaves that signal the arrival of a favorite season. But like all seasons, Fall brings its own set of challenges and requirements in keeping those beautiful, treasured trees alive and thriving.

Louisville Tree Care - Fall Tree Care

Fall is a Prime Time to Plant

As the cooler weather sets in and the trees settle in for a break from all that reaching for the summer sun, conditions are perfect for stimulating root growth. And obviously, there’s less chance of stress from sun scorch, drought or extremely high temperatures. Early to Mid Fall is a great time to plant balled and burlapped trees and shrubs. Late Fall is best for bare root plants as they will be completely dormant.

Fall is for Fertilization

Yes, Fall is like February in that it’s a great time for Fertilization. This will help trees gain nutrients that were lost in in the summer and continue to feed over the winter. As we mentioned before, each tree is unique and requires its own set of particular macro and micronutrients. If this sounds overwhelming, we’d be happy to help you choose and apply the right food.

Fall is for Preparation

Louisville Tree Care - Fall Tree CareUnfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), the cool temps of Fall only continue their decline into sometimes damaging frost. Naturally, you’ll want to spend some of the season preparing for the harsher conditions. Mulching can help retain water and reduce the felt effects of temperature extremes in the soil. You’ll wanna be careful not to pile on too high, but a thin layer can act as a blanket and give the roots extra protection.

Go ahead and hydrate the trees while the air is cool but not freezing… this will give them something to drink on throughout the winter.If you have a young tree, you may want to wrap with burlap or plastic cloth to prevent temperature damage

Fall is for Pruning…kinda

Louisville Tree Care - Fall Tree Pruning

Finally, LATE Fall- is a great time to prune as trees are dormant and after the leaves have gone, it is much easier to clearly see the tree structure. (Early Fall is the time in the life of the tree when energy is being redirected to the roots and trunk to store for next years spring bud break so there won’t be any extra for healing pruning wounds.) Of course, make sure you know proper pruning techniques to avoid serious damage. We’ve got plenty more pruning tips here, here, here

As always, your Abundant Tree Care team is available and happy to help you with planting, pruning, protecting or anything else you need in caring for your trees and plants.

Are your tree leaves changing color too soon? That could mean your tree is stressed and needs your help. Girdling roots, disease, or insect issues could be leading to a thinning of the canopy prematurely. If you notice this or any other concerning abnormality, call us quickly before any further damage settles in or has a chance to spread.  We’ll come to you and diagnose.

Abundant Tree Care Can Help!

Abundant Tree Care is here to assist you in tree planting, tree pruning, tree removal and every bit of care in-between. We are pleased to share this short video with you highlighting our services and our dedication to our clients and their trees. #LiveAbundantly

Plant More Trees… Far Away from Power Lines

Abundant Tree Care, along with countless other outdoor enthusiasts, has always proudly encouraged everyone to Plant More Trees! However, we are equally as fanatic about living safely and happily in our homes and neighborhoods; This just requires a little extra awareness in the locations of our planting.

When we’re excited about adding new trees to our landscape, we can often not think much about where we’re digging until that later moment when we find ourselves stumbling in the dark looking for candles and throwing out all the spoiled food from our lifeless fridge. And this is why we encourage you, as you plant more trees… Stay away from power lines!

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Trees that grow up near power lines bring up with them all sorts of big risks, and you’ll be creating extra, unnecessary, and dangerous work that’s simply not worth it. And aesthetically speaking, if a tree has to be pruned around lines, it will end up looking really awkward. (If you do have a perfect spot picked out near a power line and nothing else will do, there are some species that are more likely to be a safe bet. We’ve included a link to those at the bottom of this post).


If it’s too late for the warning and you are now seeking to care for your trees that have grown up around lines, please call your local qualified arborists who have special training and tools to get the job done safely. Without the proper tools and training, a person can easily be electrocuted, injured, or even killed, and you’ll be put at a major legal risk.

After a Storm

If you’ve experienced a bad storm, there are a few things to look out for. In addition to the obvious threat of downed power lines, alert your power company (and arborists) if you see trees that are leaning towards or have come into contact with power lines, have blown over near power lines. 

Underground Lines

Don’t assume you’re in the clear if you don’t see anything above ground. A lot of utility services run below ground and can be impacted by wide-spreading roots of trees. Before you plant, call your utility company and make sure you are aware of the existence and/or locations of any underground utilities in order to avoid serious injury or service interruption. 

Finally, If you must plant in the proximity of a power line, the ultimate mature spread and height of the tree must fit within the available space beneath and beside the lines.  Here are a few options.


Abundant Tree Care takes safety very seriously. Our arborists go through extensive training so that we can care for your landscape and homes at our absolute best. We offer assistance in planting, pruning, and general tree care. Contact us anytime with questions or to schedule a time for us to come by. We look forward to meeting you and helping care for your home.

Louisville Tree Care – Preparing for Summer Storms

We’ve already experienced a decent share of storms here in the Ohio Valley but as history shows us, we’re certainly in for more.

While we might feel helpless against the more aggressive whims of mother nature, there are precautions we can take in hopes of keeping our trees as steady as possible. In fact, FEMA says that three-fourths of the damage that trees incur during storms is predictable and preventable.

If you see a tree you believe to be too weak to stand up against the force, a propping system could be the solution. Otherwise, your local Louisville tree care professionals have a few tips for prepping your trees:

Proper Pruning

Protect by pruning properly. Say that 3 times fast.

A tree will react to the wind according to its distribution of leaves and branches. Essentially, wind forces seem to be more strenuous & destructive when the foliage is the heaviest. While our trees need rain to drink and grow, too much of it can loosen the soil around the tree and add weight to the leaves and limbs which further weakens the tree against the winds. And that’s not even getting into the damage hail can bring.

Improper pruning will only make your tree more vulnerable to damage. So we recommend either calling your local tree care professional or studying up on the best pruning methods. You’ll want to remove the dead, or nearly-dead, branches to help reduce resistance, including the outer third of the crown, while keeping as many around as you can for photosynthesis and protection. Avoid “Lion’s Tailing” which happens when an excessive amount of lower branches are thinned giving the tree a lion’s tail shape. The tree will then be top-heavy and more vulnerable to toppling over in heavy winds.

Mulch for Stronger Roots

It is important to protect the root system of the tree as well. A wide mulch ring around the base of the tree means that a lawn mower can’t accidentally damage what’s underneath. It also allows water and nutrients to drain down through the soil to the roots

Lightning Protection

Most of us have been told since childhood to stay away from trees when there’s a threat of lightning. Unfortunately, trees can’t really move out of harm’s way. Lightning protection systems may be a good investment. We’d be happy to help you find the right one.