Avoiding Trees in Wires: Safety Tips

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Homeowners can easily become injured – many times fatally – while attempting to trim trees near overhead electrical wires. Though it is tempting to try to save money with this “do-it-yourself” approach, the potential for electrocution is not worth the risk. Terrible accidents can happen when a homeowner uses pole-mounted cutting tools and/or metal ladders when attempting to trim backyard … Read More

When to Prune Trees

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With every season, no doubt, many of you step outside to take a look at your landscape and trees. Life can get busy, and we know pruning trees isn’t always at the top of the to-do list. Whether you want to make your trees safe and healthy from deadwood, or if you want to enhance the aesthetics of your landscape, your … Read More

5 Different Methods For Pruning Trees

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There are several methods to pruning trees. It’s important to know the correct solution to ensure long life and health for your tree. Here we describe the services we offer to help you determine what might be best for your trees! We’re also happy to talk with you, inspect your trees and give you an estimate for our expert pruning … Read More