Tree Pruning

Abundant knows proper pruning practices
to ensure your tree remains healthy!

Below is an explanation of the basic tree pruning techniques Abundant implements


Generally implemented when tree limbs get in the way of structures or people. The preferable clearance for structures is 10′-15′.


Let me be clear here, WE DO NOT TOP TREES! Reduction is a practice that focuses on the skillful and discriminate reduction of stems that may need to be cut back for several reasons.

Canopy Thinning

This is often performed to trees that are overgrown. Often times thinning is necessary for tree structural reasons. Also, increased light penetration (to help your grass grow) is often a reason for such pruning.

Structural Pruning for younger trees

This pruning practice is probably the most overlooked by clients and so called tree care professionals. Because most site conditions in an urban environment allow for more light to your tree than if if was in the forest, your tree is grows much differently than its natural setting. Proper structural growth for your tree from tree establishment is crucial for the health of your tree later in life, particularly in the context of storm damage prevention.

Dead Wooding/Canopy cleaning

This straightforward prunning practice removes all dangerous and aesthetically unpleasing dead wood from you tree.